Just like the ingredients for our cakes we like to think that there's a few key ingredients to your wedding day, one being our breathtaking wedding cakes.

     If you're a modern bridal couple then you know all the details of a wedding that have to be looked after. You've already spent time looking for an amazing location with memorable dishes for your guests. You carefully selected a master of ceremonies and band that will set the mood for your wedding reception.  The dress and theme have been chosen carefully as well as someone to photograph and video the ceremony and reception.  Now you have to think about the cake and all the options you have to create it, we can't wait to walk you through this. 

     We pride ourselves as bakers and artists when it comes to selecting a style and design of your wedding cake. We know how important it is to impress you visually with our cakes but also more importantly by taste.  When you order a wedding cake it's not a phone call where you proclaim "I want a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for two hundred people".  This is so much more important than that, we take the matter of cake very seriously here at Gerardo's Italian Bakery. We would love to sit down with you and have you sample different types of cake. 

     A cake would be nothing without colors, flavors and design, how tall would you like it, how many layers do you prefer, what type of frosting would you like. Would you like a strawberry shortcake themed wedding cake or something so chocolatey that you expect to see it in the Guinness Book of World Records? Our wedding cakes aren't always white and vanilla, we can do anything you can imagine. We can incorporate colors, themes and anything you can think of into a cake as unique as the bride and groom themselves. 

Interested in hearing more about a personal cake tasting session with Gerardo himself?  We make hundreds of wedding cakes every year and we're the best at what we do.

     Visit our cake tasting page and send us a message. We would love to meet you and figure out the best way to make your dream wedding cake a reality.

Bundle to save. In-house photographer and florist.

Michael Hendrickson is destination photographer with an office at Gerardo's Italian Bakery. Specializing in weddings and portraits and also a lot of our photography needs here at Gerardos. Shooting around twenty weddings a year, it's quality over quantity. Stop by his office to see some of the prints on the wall or schedule an appointment with him. You can also visit unitymike.com to see his latest work.