Wow that’s all I can say , I wish I could of introduce my self and thanked you myself in person but we never left the dance floor. Every single guest absolutely loved your cannoli station. They were soooo impressed with the choices the display the To go boxes. To take home the yummy cannolis , we enjoyed them so much the day later , our parents loved taking them home as well. You thought of everything! Everyone thought it was the best idea so different and I even gave your name and info to a couple people yesterday who are interested . I said how amazing and easy we’re to work with just wanted to say thank you so much you made our wedding day even better! Who doesn’t love cannolis !!! - Kara
I just wanted to compliment your service at the bakery in West Boylston. My husband and I live near that location and we always do spontaneous trips with our kids to spend quality time as a family. Gerardo has become our tradition to go to treat/reward our daughter for good grades and conduct. It’s our most preferred bakery. I wanted to let you know that the past several visits we had made to your bakery a staff member by the name of Susie (I apologize for the spelling) usually working the night shift has been generous and friendly. We usually get there sometimes close to closing time and my request is a cappuccino and she makes it without hesitation. Today (2/6/19) we weren’t sure if we would be able to go inside and enjoy a coffee and pastry (because it was 7:33 and you closed at 8) so we were just going to pick up pastries and bring home and she recognized us as frequent customers and automatically said “are you going to have your cappuccino?” It’s customer service that is appreciated and you don’t get often. My family and I were given tonight the opportunity to have dessert and coffee. So thank you for offering good pastries and good service.
— Ivette P
Lovely and delicious cakes. We order for every occasion for our family. Thanks for your great service Gerardo.
— Rashmi
Sometime’s I have to lie to my wife about where i’ve been because I’ll drive 30 minutes out of my way to get some amazing cannoli’s from you instead of going to the gym.
— Tim
I had Gerardo make my wedding cake last May and it was absolutely the most beautiful cake EVER. The detail in the decorating perfectly showcase the love and skill Gerardo bring to his cakes. Thank you again so much for our cake! I can’t wait for our anniversary cake next may!!
— Emily Brown
A pastry lover’s paradise! I’m not
sure how i first found myself in this
bakery and don’t know who to thank
to pointing me in the right direction
but i am truly blessed with the knowledge.
— Jim P
We had Gerardos cake for our wedding and 1 year anniversary... just as delicious as it was last year... reasonable prices, honest and pleasant to deal with... highly recomended... best cake ever.
— Elise & Andrew Richardson
You saved the day with my pastry needs for Thanksgiving.
— Deana T
I just wanted to say thank you for always making my days brighter when I step into your shop. It makes me so Happy scarfing down those Lobster Tails! Meeting Gérardo the other day was such a treat, too - he was so pleasant to talk to. Just want to thank him for taking the time out of his busy day to try and talk me out of making the Tails myself...unsuccessfully, I might add - I did it, Gerardo. Hours of slaving and I’m not even finished...never again! Anyway, thank you again - your staff is great and as long as your open, you’ll have a very, very loyal customer! Keep up all the great work - having been through Culinary school, I know how much work and love goes into what you do. Stay humble and kind, it goes such a long way.
— Deborah E

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