Gerardo's offers special occasion cakes in a multitude of sizes and flavors sized to fit your needs. Come in, pick your favorite and be the hit of the party.

All our cakes are triple layered!

We offer the following flavors:
Chocolate - Extra moist
White - Vanilla
Gold - Light Lemon
Marble - White & Chocolate Swirl
Carrot - Nicely Spiced
Red Velvet - Flavorful and moist
Rum Cake - Made with our homemade Italian custard, sliced peaches and strawberries layered with our rum flavored sponge cake and topped with our authentic Italian cream
Tiramisu Cake - Layers of Espresso soaked sponge cake, alternated with our sweet mascarpone cheese filling, cocoa, and cappuccino mousse. It's the best in Worcester County!

We offer the following fillings:
Ricotta & Strawberry - The authentic Italian Cake. It's absolutely delicious, it's everyone's favorite!
Cannoli Cake Filling - The great ricotta filling used in our cannoli. You can get it in White, Chocolate, and Pistachio flavors with any of our great cake flavors.
Creamy Italian Mascarpone - Fills our very popular Tiramisu Cakes and some of our great pastries.
Raspberry Chambord - Raspberry Fruit with a decadent European Chocolate and White Italian Mousse.
Strawberry Chiffon - An Italian Strawberry Shortcake that makes a light and refreshing dessert.
Chocolate Mousse - With a Rich European Chocolate that kids love.
Cappuccino Mousse - Made with our European Chocolate, if you love Coffee you'll love this.
Italian Custard - It's homemade and great for any occasion.
White Italian MoussesignitureSIGNATURE FILLING (Free of charge) - Simple and delicious, young and old will love it.



We have many other fillings available upon request including:
Strawberry                            • Raspberry                 • Lemon
European Chocolate             • Ricotta                      • Mascarpone
White Chocolate Mousse      • Chocolate Mousse      • Cappuccino Mousse
Strawberry Mousse              • German Chocolate      • Cream Cheese

We offer the following frostings:
White Italian Cream signitureSIGNATURE FROSTING
Chocolate Italian Cream
White Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Cream Cheese


We also offer the following special for all occasion cakes:
Cross of Roses
Plastic Ornaments
Bible Cakes

                          Sports, and many more

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