Cake tastings are free of charge and a great chance to see all your options.

Come in with your fiancee, family or friend and see what we have to offer. We will prepare individual slices of cake with our delicious fillings for you to sample in office and also enough to take home and experience later.

Here's what you'll get to try during your cake tasting with Gerardo.

Ricotta & Strawberry - Traditional, authentic and classic Italian Cake. 
It’s absolutely delicious and our most popular flavor.

Cannoli Cake Filling - The great ricotta filing used in our cannoli you can pair White, Chocolate or Pitsachio flavors with any of our delicious cake flavors.

Creamy Italian Mascarpone - The key ingredient in our tiramisu cakes and some of our great pastries. We can't believe no one else has thought of this yet.

Raspberry Chambord - Raspberry fruit dances with decadent 
European chocolate and savory white Italian mousse.

Strawberry Chiffon - There's nothing more familiar to our regulars than our Italian Strawberry Shortcake. Our shortcake has a reputation for being light and with bright and refreshing flavors.

Chocolate Mousse - It doesn't matter if your young or old, people of all ages will love the rich European chocolate flavors in our chocolate mousse. You can't help but let these smooth, relaxing chocolate notes paint a smile on your face.

Cappuccino Mousse - Our European Chocolate and coffee notes marvelously             collide to form these savory flavors that will melt in your mouth.

Italian Custard - Homemade and great for any and all occasions. If you're looking for some classic flavors for your cake then look no further.

White Italian Mousse Signature filling  - Simple and delicious, you’ll love the playfully light and fluffy texture of this filling.